There are a number of cultures where levels of corruption are relatively acceptable.

There are also several examples where highly corrupt cultures were changed quickly through implementation of effective anti-corruption enforcement programs by strong leadership.

Transparency International publishes a Corruption Perception Index that ranks the world's countries and territories along a 10-point scale.

Only six countries scored 9 or better from a total of 182.

Perhaps, a score of 9 can be considered good, but when it comes to self -respect and honor, is anything less than 10 really  desirable?  We think not!  Consider again that corruption is like cancer.  A little bit of cancer is not acceptable.  Our immune system is devoted to destroying all cancers 100% of the time, with good reason.

For Anti-Corruption League a score of 9 must be consider temporarily acceptable at best, until higher levels of honor and integrity are achieved.

ACL's goal is to implement two phases of anti-corruption actions with the first phase to be completed by 2025 at the latest and the second phase by 2030 to achieve the following goals:

Phase 1 Anti-Corruption Action Program:  Assure that every culture in the world achieves a score of 9 or better by 2025.

Phase 2 Anti-Corruption Action Program:  Assure that every culture in the world achieves a score of 10 by 2030.

We recognize that these goals cannot be achieved without enforcement and strong leadership.

It is therefore imperative that in countries where such leadership and enforcement are missing committed volunteers step forward to initiate enforcement actions that will reduce and stop corruption.  If you want to put a stop to corruption in your culture and are willing to take the necessary actions to make that happen, please complete the form below.