The effects of Corruption

Corruption does to community, society and culture what cancer does to the body.

Just as there are many forms of cancer, there are many forms of corruption.

In the same way that one cancerous cell can quickly kill a person, so can corruption devastate a community and society.

In the same way that your body must root out and destroy even a single cancerous cell, a community must root out and eliminate even one act of corruption.

The cost of corruption is incalculable, not only in terms of money but even more so in how it destroys the human spirit and devalues people's lives.  Even those who benefit from corruption cause great harm to their souls whether they recognize it or not.... 

Detect, Report and Track Corruption

Have you considered that when we refer to government, business, an agency, a department, that those are just words that are about groupings of people?

A government, a business, an agency, a department does NOT DO ANYTHING!  It is always a single individual or group of individuals acting together that are responsible.

Therefore it is ALWAYS a person or group of persons that we have to identify as being responsible and accountable.  That is why we have to trace back any bad consequence or evil result to a specific person or group of persons, identify who they are and report what they did, specifically.  That is why transparency is important and has to be demanded.

With the Internet we can publicly identify and report, and that is one good start to begin to fight corruption and stop it.

super-organize and follow through

Super-organization means that we are fully connected as individuals to bring about specific  results, such as identifying specific corrupt behaviors anywhere, as well as acts of integrity, honor and courage.

super-organization does not mean that a person's privacy is invaded, but it does mean that if they act in a way that affects others, that they are responsible and accountable for their actions.