"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead, Famous Antropologist

The Anti-Corruption League (ACL) is and all-volunteer organization that has been established by a small group of persons who believe that people everywhere can use computer power and the reach of the Internet to reduce, prevent, reduce and stop corruption to absolute minimal levels.

Our Mission is to:

Reduce Corruption Everywhere to Minimim Levels  By 2020

OurSlogan is:

We Know What Has to Be Done And How to Get It Done, TOGETHER!

Anti-Corruption League is being set up as a support program that will make it possible for individuals, groups and organizations to coordinate their activities better at all levels ranging from global to locat and then individual behaviors.

Anti-Corruption League's goals are to enable all of us to:

  1. Create our Best Life by understanding and applying the three Life Principles of Self-Respect, Truth and Being Of Value, from which ALL good things human flow!
  2. Encourage, recognize and reward behaviors that exemplify honor and  integrity, and
  3. Identify, track and discourage corrupt behaviors

Anti-Corruption League is designing a global anti-corruption campaign platform that will serve as a coordinating system for national anti-corruption league organizations.  We are starting with a presence in three countries and plan to expand rapidly to other countries.

Canadian Anti-Corruption League

Philippine Anti-Corruption League (site coming soon)

United States Anti-Corruption League (site coming soon)

Please visit our blog here.  Our blog will emphasize actions and information that affect all of us, including links to resources and news.